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"On the pathway of learning your child's First Steps are the most important"

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"Our Centre Philosophy upholds the overriding principles of the National Quality Standards"

  • At First Steps we acknowledge the rights and best interests of the child are paramount so we try to provide a welcoming, secure atmosphere where each member of our community is valued, respected and important regardless of ability, gender, race or religion.
  • We acknowledge that parents/carers and families play the primary role in the nurturing of each child. We endeavour to create reciprocal relationships with our families by striving to create an environment of trust and confidence. Each child's individuality is recognized and nurtured and each family is supported and encouraged to participate in the development of their child during their time at First Steps.
  • At First Steps we acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of cultures that make up our community. Equity, inclusion and diversity underpin all our programming and activities in our centre. Parents/carers are encouraged to share the culture of their family with the children and staff at our centre so that they develop a sense of belonging within our community.
  • We value the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture in our centre and incorporate these cultures into our everyday learning.
  • We commit to providing an environment where continuity of learning from room to room is evident and calm. Positive transitions empower children to become confident, develop a strong sense of identity and well being and become effective communicators.
  • As Early Childhood educators we believe that play is the best medium for learning. We understand that play provides opportunities for children to learn as they discover, create. improvise and imagine. We endeavour to create learning environments where children can ask questions, solve problems and engage in critical thinking. We take a holistic approach to teaching and learning by recognizing the connectedness of mind, body and spirit and by creating an environment where children feel secure and comfortable.
  • We will endeavour to assist children on a pathway to success and prosperity by setting high expectations, treating all children equally and fairly. We understand that children are successful, competent and capable learners so we will endeavour to instill in children knowledge, skills and qualities of character that will enable them to cope in a rapidly changing world, connect with and contribute to their world and sustain them throughout life.
  • We acknowledge that each child is unique and will grow and develop at their own rate and in their own way so we strive to provide opportunities and environments that foster this growth and which are inclusive of children with additional needs.
  • As professionals we will endeavour to work as a team for the overall well-being and happiness of the children and parent/carers of the centre. We will continually reflect on our practices, assess childrens' learning and keep up to date on the latest research on best practices in childcare.
  • Our groups


    Nursery from 6 weeks to 2 years

    (8 Children)



    Toddlers from 15 months to 2½ years

    (10 Children)



    Tweenies from 25 months to 3½ years

    (15 Children)



    Pre-Kindy from 3 to 5 years

    (22 Children)



    Kindergarten from 4 to 5 years

    (25 Children)


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