Our Rooms

Our Rooms

Our Rooms

Our Centre is a fully registered Childcare and Kindergarten providing high quality care for children aged from 6 weeks through to school entry level.

We offer a caring and nurturing environment for all of our children; with all levels of learning abilities. Our team understand that every child is unique and learns and develops are their own rate and in their own time, so we strive to provide opportunities and environments that foster this growth; and which are inclusive of children with additional needs.


Babies aged 6 weeks to 2 years

Play-based learning brings the most out of a child’s natural sense of inquiry and discovery through hands-on exploration of the world around them; and introducing this at any early age is key. In our Possums room, our program is designed around this form of learning to focus on helping your baby meet their developmental milestones.  With the understand that every child grows and develops at different stages, we work with each child individually to help nurture their development at their own speed. Learning is not always predictable, so with this in mind we like to plan our days with each child and their milestones in mind, and are regularly changing our environments to continuously challenge and support the children as the progress.

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Toddlers aged 15 months weeks to 2.5 years

In our Koala’s Room, we support each child with their developmental and individual goals based on their current interests. We work in collaboration with parents and families to support each child with their current goals to provide positive, exciting and inviting learning experiences. Our toddlers benefit from a variety of learning tools and platforms to help develop their gross motor skills and sensory experiences whilst encouraging them to explore their environments; provoking fun and spontaneous learning. On any given day our toddlers can be found dancing, playing, cooking (with adults), climbing, painting; anything that supports development and imagination.

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Tweenies aged 25 months to 3.5 years

Encompassing the body, mind and spirit, our Platypus Room brings a holistic approach to your child’s learning and development. With emotional/social, physical, cognitive, language and literature playing an important role in our day-to-day activities, our main focus for our Platypus children is to channel their emotional needs, self-confidence and self-regulation; whilst having fun. At this age, we encourage routine within our daily schedule while allowing the children to participate in fun activities such as cooking, arts / crafts, sensory play, music and movement. We also welcome parents and families to participate in our programs to assist in nurturing a child’s ideas and interest and to keep them engaged.


Pre-Kindy aged 2.5 to 4 years

Our Wombat’s Room is your child’s next big step on their way to becoming a confident, interdependent, and resilient child. During their time in this room, we provide endless opportunities for your child to find, create and share their learnings with peers, educators, and the community to help build and form relationships. Our educators focus on these relationships, that are being built with each child, reinforcing positive relationships form the foundation of all learning. Our curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework where we plan experiences using group goals, and individual goals to suit each individual child’s needs.

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Kindergarten aged 4 to 5 years

Our Government Approved Kindergarten program provides a learning environment in which all children have the opportunity to reach their individual potential. At the core of our program is the Early Years Learning Framework which is the national curriculum framework and ensures that children receive high quality education programs in the preschool years, making them school ready.

At First Steps, the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (QKLG) specifically targets the 4yr-5yrs age group which forms the basis of our curriculum; and provides the framework around which all of our learning activities are structured. Our aim is to ensure that every child that graduates from our Kindergarten program is fully prepared for their next educational step.

All of the activities in our Kindergarten room are delivered by a fully qualified early education teacher and fully qualified educators using specific learning contexts that are designed to maximise learning outcomes.

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What our parents are saying

We love First Steps! Amazing, caring staff and excellent management. I feel totally safe leaving my son in their care and even better, he loves it

Karlie M

Both of our children went to First Steps and loved it. It is a great family and community based centre with warm and welcoming staff. The educators are highly qualified and produce excellent programs that engage the children. I would highly recommend sending your children here. It’s like having your own extended family – there is so much love for all of the children.

Kayleigh G

Both my daughters have gone to First Steps. My youngest starts Kindy this year after beginning at First Steps at 9months old and she loves it so much! All the carers are so kind and happy and welcoming and Connie & Trevor are just amazing.

Danielle J

All 4 of my children have attended First Steps over the last 10 years and loved it. The centre and its staff have had an important role in our children’s development on all levels, and now feel like part of the family. Connie and Trevor go above and beyond to ensure children enjoy high quality care, and fun, stimulating experiences that helped my children learn many new skills. The staff are highly qualified, experienced, warm and caring. They were particularly supportive and helpful with my 2 autistic children. We will all be very sad when our youngest starts school.

Lianne B

I have just had my 3rd child graduate kindy at the centre. It has been such a wonderful place for our kids to learn and grow. The staff have been amazing. I love how each child is treated like they are family. A caring and nurturing place for your child that I highly recommend.

Kerri-lee H