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“So, are you looking forward to the School Holidays?” This is my favourite question to ask families as the term starts to end. Every parent replies with a range of differences and the same similarities. The similarities are usually a tone of uncertainty and an expression of resignation.



Playdough can be found in every early childhood classroom as it is a favourite amongst young children.  When a child plays with playdough the experience is always positive as there is no right or wrong way to do it so they feel success with their creations.  What is it that makes this wonderful substance such a valuable resource in the early childhood setting and what do children learn while playing with it? […]


What do children learn when playing with bubbles?

Playing with bubbles is absolutely the best fun when playing with children.  It doesn’t matter what age the child is, the enjoyment is always wonderful to see as children blow, chase or make bubbles.  Pop, pop, pop, we say as they chase and pop a bubble.  The laughter when they manage this is magic. […]